Biblical Ethos


Brushstroke, shaped clay or casted bronze
revive the eternal stories & figures of the bible,
evoking ethos as seven days of creation & the old convent
in contemporary life.


Biblical Ethos
Local Scenery


Inspired by the rich context the surrounding holds,
an integration of sites & sensations blends together
the ambiance of ancient stone arches, deep red pomegranate,
mosaic floor or old olive trees into a unique visual language.


Local Scenery
Jewish Tradition


An intimate encounter with Jewish customs and symbols
conveys the depths of jewish heritage
as it reflected through a delicate expression of
objects, urban environment and characters.


Jewish Tradition
About Ofra
Portrait Ofra Freidland1


Born in Jaffa, Israel, in 1959, is considered one of today’s more significant contemporary Israeli artists, creating in oils, murals, tapestry, ceramics and sculpture. After studies at the Ramat Gan College of Art and the Avni Institute in Tel-Aviv, Ofra apprenticed to several of Israel’s leading artists, and was first recognized for her oil paintings which took Biblical themes for inspiration.

Among her best known works in oil are the fifteen panel “Song of Ascent” series based on the Psalms of King David; a fivepanel representation of the Five Books on Moses; a mural of scenes of Jerusalem, and other series based on traditional themes such as ‘The Seven Species’, ‘The Twelve Tribes’ and the ‘Seven Days of Creation.’ Some of these motifs have also been rendered as rug designs, stained glass, ceramic and bronze sculpture, and frescoes.

Described as a “lyricist in color,” Ofra is a master of diverse artistic media and has been commissioned to design complete environments such as synagogue designs that encompass a wide range – oil paintings, rug and tapestry designs, stained glass windows, synagogue furniture, and building façades. Her complete environments also appear in several hotels including the Dan Pearl and Olive Tree in Jerusalem and the Hilton Tel-Aviv, among others, and in other commercial buildings in the United States and Europe.

Ofra’s artistic philosophy includes willingness to entertain new perspectives and try to bring together wildly divergent influences. She sees the artist as a means to interpret and amalgamate a subject with material in a unique and meaningful way that people can recognize and connect with.

Because Ofra sees her art as a medium for discovering personal truth and values, she has volunteered in projects that open the door of creative expression for many diverse groups with special needs, including young cancer patients, IDF soldiers at a rehabilitation center, and gifted children.

About Ofra
About Ofra

Works on Permanent Display

  • Rav Kaduri Synagogue; Jerusalem, Israel. Stained glass windows, 1994
  • Grand Lobby Historic Building; Memphis, TN. Paintings, 1995
  • Baron Hirsch Synagogue; Memphis, TN. Paintings, 1995
  • Peabody Place Tower; Memphis, TN. Paintings, 1996
  • Dan Pearl Hotel; Jerusalem, Israel. Paintings, ceramics, and bronze sculpture, 1996
  • Bank Hapoalim Ltd. Headquarters; Tel-Aviv. Paintings, 1997
  • Halperin Management services Ltd; Tel-Aviv, Israel, Excutive offices, Bronze sculptures and Oil Paintings, 1997-2004
  • Bank Adanim Ltd. Jerusalem, Israel. Paintings, tapestries, 1999
  • Ramat Gan Diamond Center Corporate offices, Bronze sculptures and oil paintings, 1998
  • Bank Adanim Corporate Head Quarters; Tel-Aviv. Paintings, tapestries, 1999
  • Hasharon Banquet Hall; Kfar- Saba, Israel. Murals, ceramics, 1999-2001
  • Bank Tefachot Ltd. Executive Offices; Tel- Aviv. Paintings, ceramics, 2000
  • White Hall; Or-Yehuda, Israel. Murals, bronze reliefs, wood artwork, 2000
  • Assaf Harofe Medical Center EMR loby, Oil paintings, 2000
  • Belz Enterprises Corporate Headquarters; Memphis, TN. Paintings, 2001
  • ArK at the Dallas TX. Sepharadic Center, Wood works and silverworks, 2001
  • Peabody Place Museum; Memphis, TN. Paintings, Woodwork and silver work, 2002-2010
  • Aqualina Hotel and Resort N.Miami beach, FL., oil Paintings, 2004
  • Lido Beach Synagogue, Congregation Etz Chaim; Long island, 2006
  • Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Paintings and stained glass, 2012

Environment Designs

  • Park Plaza Hotel; Antwerp, Belgium.
    Painting, bronze sculpture, and ceramics, 1998.
  • Hilton Hotel; Tel- Aviv. Paintings, complete environment, 2000.
  • Olive Tree Hotel; Jerusalem, Israel. Painting, bronze, and wood artwork, Tapestries, 2000.
  • Aish Kodesh Synagogue; Woodmere, NY. Murals, ceramics, paintings, bronze sculpture, stained glass windows, Tapestries, woodwork and stone artwork. 2002-2004.
  • HALB Academy, Woodmere, NY. Bronze sculpture, stained glass windows, woodwork, murals, 2004.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Hebraica Jewish Center; San Paolo, Brazil., 1995
  • Beth Shalom Conservative Center; Pittsburg, PA., 1999
  • Mar A Lago Resort; (Shaarei Zedek Benefit) Palm Beach, FL., 2001
  • Wizo South Florida Chapter; Miami Beach, FL., 2002-2004
  • Jewish Community Center; Riverdale, NY., 2004
  • American Friends of Bar-Ilan University; Miami, FL, 2005
  • Jewish Museum; Memphis, TN., 2005
  • Donator acknowledgment pin, Friends of Israel Defence forces, Miami Chapter at the Fountainbleu hotel, 2005
  • Friends of IDF, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, 2007

Community Services

  • Oranit Guest House for children with cancer, Petach Tikvah, Israel. 1991-1994
  • Schneider Children Hospital, Petach Tikvah, Israel. 1993-1995
  • Shaarei Tzedek, Oncology Department, Jerusalem, Israel, 1992-1996
About Ofra

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